These lessons were originally presented as a series beginners lessons in Gnostic Luciferianism and Gnostic Witchcraft. After I decided to shut that study group down, I archived them here. They mostly focus on the mythological cosmology of this paradigm.

Keep in mind that these articles were written years ago and that I may not agree completely with the contents anymore. For instance, my viewpoint has become less dualistic. It is closer to Hermetic thought than Gnostic. My personal take on where "Satan" fits into the whole picture has shifted. Just to give you an idea, I see in Satan parallels with both Prometheus and Hades/Pluto and no longer see him as a completely separate character from Lucifer. Regardless of these changes in perspective, the articles are presented here in their original form (aside from a couple spelling corrections) for your viewing pleasure.


Lesson 1 - Gnosis (Sept. 2/2003)

Lesson 2 - Lucifer (Sept. 8/2003)

Lesson 3 - Genesis (Sept. 18/2003)

Lesson 4 - Prometheus (Oct. 13/2003)

Lesson 5 - Magick and Mysticism (Oct. 26/2003)

Lesson 6 - Lilith (Dec. 3/2003)

Lesson 7 - Age of Aquarius (Jan. 1/2004)

Extra Stuff from the Archives:

Assignment 1 - Lust (Oct. 27/2003)

Assignment 2 - Lucid Living (Dec. 11/2003)