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Jeremy CrowHi, my name is Jeremy Crow. I've been working with the Tarot for most of my life. I first dedicated myself towards mastering the Tarot when I was a teenager and I haven't put it down since. I got my start with divination even earlier as a young boy when my father taught me a traditional method of reading tea leaves. The practice of divination as well as the other more esoteric applications of various divination tools has been a lifelong passion of mine.

In addition to pursuing an in-depth knowledge of the Tarot, I have done extensive research and immersed myself in diverse spiritual systems. This sometimes involved being initiated into an Esoteric Order and dedicating several years to it, including taking on various officers roles in these occult organizations. Currently I am focusing on the Ordo Luciferi, a group which I joined in 2007 and was promoted to the official leadership role. I have been writing and releasing articles on occult subjects for over a decade and am excited about the upcoming launch of my first two books later this year.

In order to get to know me better I encourage you to peruse the material that I have shared online including my personal website JeremyCrow.com, my YouTube channel ZigguratOfEnki.org and my newly launched Tarot blog TorchbearerTarot.com. If you are interested in working more closely with me you are welcome to connect on my various social media profiles. I would especially recommend membership in the Luciferian Research Society, an independent network of almost 1500 occult artists and practitioners from all branches of the Left Hand Path. If you want some productive time working with me on your initiation into higher levels of applied self-knowledge, a very powerful tool we can use is the Tarot.

The basic options are as follows:

1 Card Quick Question Reading (approx. 15 minutes) for $30

3 Card Past, Present and Future Reading (approx. 30 minutes) for $50

6 Card Magickal Circle Reading (approx 1 hour) for $90

10 Card Magickal Evocation Reading (approx. 90 minutes) for $130

10 Card Magickal Evocation + 1 Clarification Card (approx 2 hours) for $160

Tarot Reading Options

The Magickal Circle and the Magickal Evocation readings are Tarot spreads that I have developed as alternates to the traditional Celtic Cross spread. The Magickal Circle spread is based on classic ceremonial magick. The Evocation spread starts with the Magickal Circle but extends the symbolic analogy into the realm of Spirit Conjuring.

If you opt to take the full 10 card reading with the additional Clarification Card, this extra card can be used after the main reading in order to help clarify one related question. Many of my clients have found this additional clarification to be extremely valuable.

Why Choose Me As Your Tarot Reader?

There are several skilled Tarot readers out there with equal or greater experience to my own that will give you a satisfactory reading. However, there are a few reasons why I may be the ideal choice for you. My own spiritual practice includes working with both the Light and Dark aspects of life and nature. As a consequence of this, many people find it easier to be open and honest with me when compared to working with a reader who professes to be a Light Worker only. Even if you personally adhere to a Right Hand Path, it can be very enlightening and empowering to work with a reader who is comfortable with delving into darker and more taboo influences when necessary.

My readings tend to be positive and encouraging but I don't shy away from letting you know when I see challenges in your life. In fact, I find that discussing these challenges to be some of the most productive work I do with my clients and students. It is my intention that each and every session will be a life changing experience. If all of this is still sounding good to you, there is a good chance that we will get along great and have some very rewarding sessions together. I look forward to speaking with you!

My readings are done in person in Toronto, over the phone or done through an online video conferencing application such as Skype or Google Hangouts. Please give me 24 hours for the initial response after making your payment and if possible let me know ahead of time if you have something specific in mind you wanted to look into. I will contact you to arrange a time for us to do the reading.

Tarot Reading Options



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Tarot Reading Options

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Tarot Card - Strength

Trump 10 - Wheel of Fortune

The above Tarot image is one of the 22 Major Arcana cards used by the Whare-Ra Temple of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in New Zealand.

One method of learning the Tarot is to colour your own set of images. Read an article about this here. Throughout this site are all 22 images that you can save to your computer and print out for colouring. Just right-click on the image and select "Save Image."

This is the eleventh in the series. Clicking directly on the image will bring you to the page on this site that contains the next image in the traditional sequence. I have also created a Site Map based on this sequence to provide an easy method of finding any specific Tarot image.

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